Lease Offer on 145-91 16

We were offered a lease on 145-91-16 at $50/acre for 5 years and 1/8 royality. This is the same lease we received in 2007 but which expired in 2012. The land man said this area is condemned. Any advise or comments would be appreciated.

ummm....Something smells. If the area is condemed, then why would they want to lease it? Just saying

The well in section 17 right next to you to the west is classed as inactive, not plugged and abandoned. I think there may be something there otherwise why not plug it since it has not produced in over 3 years. Hess bought this well from Tracker 2. Why buy it among 75 other wells?

Gerald, my family owns minerals in 145-91-16 and have been offered the same terms. Give me a call if you would. I would like to speak with you about the offer. My number is 541-971-1054.


Gerald, I can't find your number, please call me if you would. Thanks! Jeff Lesmeister

Did either one of you take the 50?

We held out for I think 75/acre.

Ok, 5 year term?