Lease offer lots no. 6 and 7

I have received an offer for 100 and 3/16 or 150 and 1/8 pnma on lots 6-7 e/2 sw/4 and se/4 any info would be great

Welcome to the forum. You need to add the section, township and range to get useful information. The there are many sections and Lots 6 & 7 doesn’t tell us much. Many of us would take the higher royalty as it pays out better in the long run if the wells are successful.

My apologies I’m new too this township 13 north, range 19 west, section 6

Section 6 has no recent leases posted, but Chaco Energy just pooled section 28 for $150 3/16th and $100 1/8th. You offer is reasonable for the area.

If you are new to ownership, help is available in the Mineral Help tab above. Ask plenty of questions. Generally better to post in the state and county topic area in order to get folks that watch those counties attention.

The bonus is not the focus. The clauses in the lease are more important. The draft lease from an agent is not usually in the mineral owner’s favor. It is advisable to get legal help in getting a better and more protective lease. Or you can wait for force pooling which many folks prefer.