Lease offer in Section 25 in McClain county

Posting for a friend.He has been offered a lease by Sven Energy in McClain County Sec-25-Township-6N-4W. He has been offered 4050 dollars and a 1/5.My question is if section 25 is a hot area and if this is a good offer.Thanks for any help.David.

Newfield pooled sec 24 next door a year ago for $5500 3/16, $5250 1/5, $1000 22%, there may be some room to go upward. The terms of the lease are more important than the bonus amount. Yes, it is a hot area.

Thanks M Barnes for you’re help. I have minerals in section 24 06n 04 w. What makes this such a hot area. I know we had a well drilled, but so far have not heard anything.

The Whetstone 1-25-36WXH has already been drilled in 25 & 36. The completion report says it was finished on August 4, 2017. First production was Aug 26, 2017. First sales were Sept 1, 2017. Folks in 25 & 36 should have been paid by now. Woodford Horizontal well. Many of the sections in this area are getting their first horizontal well. Did your friend get missed in the leasing for 25? There is a pooling pending by Casillas 201805757 to pick up the stragglers. OAP

The well for 24 was drilled from Sec 12. There has been quite a bit of discussion about it. Tom 0604 1H-13X You can use the search magnifying glass in the upper right corner to follow that topic.