Lease offer in Section 20-13N-20W

I received a lease offer for $250/acre at 3/16ths for 3 year lease. What is the activity in this area?

Looks like a horizontal well pending in sections 8 & 17. Pooling in 8 & 17 in Jan 2019 were $235 for 3/16ths. So your offer is in the same ballpark.


Seems you’re a wealth of knowledge! :slight_smile: We found where to access the filed OGL’s, but where do you access the Bonuses offered in the area? Where can we look that info up? Own 80 or 160 acres in 8-10N-12E - number of acres is unclear.
Our current offer notes we have restricted property… an explanation of this and what deems is restricted vs. non-restricted would be helpful also. Am the sole heir and no idea how to figure out what is due me to date, from past leases, etc. This property still notes my late father (2014) as owner and/or his mothers name. Advice of a good attorney also, as we’re getting nowhere with the OK Indian assigned legal help. Any and all info is appreciated please!

The bonus amounts are not public. The closest you can get is the pooling values of the sections around you. The most recent pooling was for 8 & 17-13N-20W. The order has $235 per acre and 3/16ths royalty.

Do you have a leasing offer or a purchase offer? Ask whomever made the offer to be clear about they regard “restricted” meaning. Sometimes it means you may or may not have executive rights (the right to choose lease royalty and bonus).

Did you grandmother have a probated will? Did your father have a probated will? In order to get paid the bonus, you will need to prove heirship (same thing to sell). There are several attorneys listed in the directory above.


Are you related to Barnes law in any way?

Are you willing to look over what was sent us?

Sorry, I was looking at the top of the page instead of your sections. Yours are in Okfuskee, not Custer. I do not see a recent pooling with an order. There is one pending in section 2. Calyx Energy has filed quite a few horizontal wells in the area, so poolings will come soon. I see quite a bit of leasing in section 8. 3/6ths is the common royalty. The amounts are not public.


Assuming you’re meaning 3/16ths? There is a petition for approval of the lease to the district court and it appears the restriction relates to either/or restricted Indian of the Five Civilized tribes and/or restricted Indian heirs of his grandmother 7/8 Creek Indian.

Does this help shed any light?

Not related to Barnes Law. Not an attorney, better to get one to look it over, especially if related to Bureau of Indian Affairs situation. I can read it and probably explain part of it, but I do not know the rules about anything related to BIA.

Yes, finger slipped. 3/16ths.

Ok, we’ll send you the documents received. How do we get something over to you? I don’t see an attachment icon here??

We should probably somehow move this to the post on the section 8-10-12 postings. It’s seems stuck or following this Lease Offer 20-13-20 Custer County and has nothing to do with that - that’s my fault for posting my initial questions there…