Lease offer for seciom 5-9N-4W in McClain

We have a lease offer of $200/nma and 1/5 royalty. We have 7.75 nma. Does this seem like reasonable offer for this market?

That section pooled last year in August 2019. $6700 1/8th, $6600 3/16ths, $6500 1/5th, $3000 1/4th. Were you leased at that time. Your current offer is certainly much lower than the pooling.

What shark made the offer ?

Kevin: Native Exploration recently filed what we sometimes call a clean up pooling and the Order specified $200/nma & 1/5th royalty as one of the options. That was back in February of this year. Your last lease to Cockrell Energy doesn’t expire until March 28, 2021 so this offer is probably a top lease offer for what the going prices are today. Hope this helps. Todd M. Baker

I have reconstructed the complex history of our leasing: Lease signed with T S Dudley Land Company 5/16/2014 $200/acre 1/5 Royalty 3yrs with 2 yr extension, Bonus received $1,550 on 7/28/2014, extended two years, now expired 5/16/2020

Lease Offer 1907 Land Company lease for 3 years dated 8/16/2017 ¼ royalty.

EOG lease Offer 9/7/2016 $1,000 and ¼ royalty.

10/2/2017 Leased filed by 1907 Land Company, 3 yr lease, ¼ royalty , starting 8/16/2017, no action because T S Dudley Extended lease by 2 years.

10/16/17 Lease filed by Cockerell Energy, no action because of previous lease

7/25/2018 – Release of Oil Lease filed by Cockerell Energy, already leased with TS Dudley

2/13/2020 – Pooling order -#708760 – terms $200/nma 1/5 royalty

We were leased with T S Dudley when the Pooling order went into effect. Are we bound by those terms or can we ask for a bigger bonus or royalty?

What date did your lease by Dudley end? 5/17/219? Look at the top line of your original lease, What is the effective date? Doesn’t matter what day you got paid the extra two year bonus.

The effective date was 5/16/2014. Three years would put it ending 5/16/2017. Two year extension would put it 5/16/2019. Never got a lease offer after that. Does it mean I am covered by pooling order?

If you weren’t named in the pooling your interest is not leased.

I would contact the attorney for the Native Pooling and ask why you were not included in the pooling order as your lease appears to have been null by the time of the pooling.

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