Lease Offer 14-6N-1W

Just received a letter about leasing in this area. They’re offering $125/nma, 3yr primary with 2yr option to extend, and 3/16th royalty (prorated based on size of land among others in producing area). I’m new to this as I didn’t even know I owned these minerals until I check with Cleveland County Assessor. Has anyone gotten any similar offers here?


I am new at this too, my Mineral Deed has the exact numbers on it 14-6N-1W. I have also been approached for a lease. I own mineral rights for 160 acres for Northwest Quarter( NW/4 )of Section Fourteen (14), Township Six (6) North, Range One (1) West Cleveland County, Oklahoma.

Can more than one person have mineral rights for same location? Your offer is exactly what mine is, but trying to see if it is a good deal.

Help ?


Gladys, I don’t think what we’ve been offered is ideal, however, I know very little about all of this. What I do know has been entirely due to these forums. There is a lot of great information and knowledgeable folks here, and I hope one of them can weigh in on this better than I can. Also, yes, multiple people can own rights in the same tracts due to multiple heirs and other reasons.

I just sent mine to my attorney

Who is the offer from?