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I am trying to figure out when I look up a lease number I dont find that number under the correct county. Can someone explain why that happens. Also can you direct me to the right place to look up information on royalties but never paid to me. I know that there is at least one account because I just got some money from unclaimed funds site in relation to one of leasescin question. Thank you

You need to provide an example with the well name, state, county, operator and lease number to get a specific answer. In Texas, wells are assigned new RRC lease numbers under some circumstances, such as if it is recompleted in a new formation, the well is transferred from one field to another, a well is reclassified from an oil well to a gas well (or vice versa). Rules in other states will vary. The lease number on a check stub is the internal lease number of the operator’s accounting system, not necessarily the RRC or other state lease id. For unpaid royalties, you need to contact the operator or lessee to determine if there is money in suspense. At some point, the funds will be sent to the state under the royalty owner’s name. There is not a public listing of royalties, paid or unpaid, to individually named royalty owners.

I think both operators are no longer in existence.

The only information I have on either as follows:

Ensearch Exploration Wilderspin Inc Lease # EE-T-ML-#18069-C Hamilton County Section 22 Abstract 426 SE/4 Block 2 Tyler Tap Ry Co Survey

The 2nd one

RK Petroleum Prospect Mercado Lease # D-785 Dawson County Section 22 Block 2 TT Ry Co SE/4

Debby: Both operators appear to still be active. You can contact RK Petroleum at PO BOX 8528, MIDLAND, TX 79708. You can reach ENSERCH EXPLORATION at 1817 WOOD STREET DALLAS TX 75201 Telephone (214) 987-6355. Their Operator No. is 253207. Note there is no “a” in their name. Contact each each company about your royalties. They may be putting your royalties in suspense if they don’t have a current address or if there is a defect in the title to your mineral interests.

Thank you I will do that you have been a great help. I will let you know.

Enserch Corporation seems to be closed permanently best I can tell. They have some connection with Lone Star Gas. Any other suggestions where I might go now. Looks like they had some problems in the past

Dear Debby: Enserch Corporation is the current name for Lone Star Gas. All indications I see are that they are in business.Try this contact information:

Enserch Corporation Enserch Center 300 South St. Paul Street, Dallas, TX 75201 (214) 651-8700 Fax: (214) 573-3351

Public Company Incorporated: 1909 as Lone Star Gas Company Employees: 11,200

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