Lease Mineral Rights

How do I lease Mineral Rights in Mckenzie County?

Tom, you usually wait for the oil company to contact you. If you go searching for them, they assume you have no other interest and offer you much less than what you deserve.

Trying to proactively lease your minerals is almost always a waste of time. If a Company likes the area they will find you. Just make sure your ownership is properly reflected in the courthouse records.

When Continental contacted a friend with minerals in the same section as some of ours I called to see if they wanted to lease ours and they did. Then I ask if they would be interested in another section in the same township and range and they said they’d check and then they said yes they were so they leased that too. But then we are in Oklahoma so it might be different in ND.

WPX Energy contacted me and has been drilling on one of my sections there for almost two years.