Lease Issues

A scenario ongoing in Arapahoe County, Colorado for which I have questions:

John Doe executes a lease with company A. Company A tells him to take the lease home think about it and if he wants to go ahead with it, to have the lease recorded.

Company B comes along and offers John Doe more money and royalty. Although he has already executed a lease with company A and has not recorded it yet in Arapahoe County, he doesn't tell Company B that he has already executed a lease with Company A . John Doe decides to tear up the executed lease with Company A and executes a lease with Company B.

Can John Doe do this legally or does Company A have a case. Not sure why Company A would let him take home the executed lease and record it himself, but they did.

I understand that Colorado is a notice state and not first to file. Am I correct with this assumption?

Leaving out some pertinent information. Did company A execute the lease or only John Doe?

As I understand, only John Doe.

Unless company A has given John Doe some money or other compensation then I don't believe they have a case. If company A didn't execute the lease I don't believe John Doe has so much as a promise from company A.

Thank You