Lease information

Could anyone offer any info. for Grady Co. Ok., I have received offers on section 20. Any information would be great.

Thank you.


What is the full legal description. There is more than one Sec 20 in Grady County.


Cow Creek/Mid Con, the joint operator(s) in the area appears to have several permits in Section 20 and 17 targeting deep and sometimes deviated holes to the lower formations on the Anadarko Basin Shelf. The spacing seems to be 160 acres. The operators is successfully looking for traps in the many formations that exist between 12,000 and 15,000 feet. One well in 20 has been completed that I could find. If you have small acreage, you should cooperate with the operator and opt for the higher royalty on a well by well basis. If you have large acreage in the Section, you may want to make a special deal with them tied to drilling performance.