Lease in Reeves County

Hi, I have this small parcel in Reeves County that was leased to Carrizo Oil and the lease will expire in September this year. No production I am aware of. I called to inquire about the lease but was told that lease was sold to Apache Corporation April 2018.

I have two questions: Is this typical for them to sell the lease to another company?

Does anyone know if there’s any activity on my parcel:

H&GN RR Survey #64, Block 13 Reeves County, TX

I have not heard anything from Carrizo or Apache. Not sure if they are interested in renewing the lease or if there’s any activity or production.

Thanks in advance for any information.


Mr. Eric -

My family owns the Section due West of you. We are also leased to Apache, with the lease expiring next year.

Apache has a large NG processing facility 3 miles SSW of you on the East side of FM2903. There are recently updated aerial images on the GIS webpages of the Texas RRC website.

They are building out large transmission pipeline infrastructure in the area also. What is missing is gathering pipeline to the surrounding leased properties. If there was more proven crude in the area, it might be feasible to drill and truck crude until Oil / Gas gathering lines are available.

It seems like a chicken or egg situation. Apache could concentrate on drilling on many expiring leases, and then have no way to take away the products “in paying quantities” to extend the leases. And I am unaware of efforts to assemble easements / ROWs for pipelines except along FM3334 to the North of us.

Good luck with your lease. I hope Apache is confident enough in the Alpine High to keep their existing owners happy.

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Hi Mr. Walter, Thank you very much for your response. I emailed them and did not receive any reply.

Do you have any of their contact info, besides email? It’s kind of frustrating not knowing what’s going to happen and when.

Once again, thank you very much.


Dear fellow Mineral Interest Holders. Apache knows what they are doing so your lucky to have them Driving for you. Carrizo was another company what we leased with and then Carrizo Oil purchase them. Carrizo, didn’t do to well for us, however Apache has done an outstanding job. The Bigger the company the more resources at their disposal. God Bless and continued Success Chris Wilson

Hi Mr. Wilson, Thank you very much for the response. Hopefully Apache Corp will do us right.

Have a nice day.


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