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Below is a well I am told, that is currently be drilled. How can I obtain the lease ID and other information regarding progress of the well?

Section 35, Block 32, Township 3 North, Howard County, Texas

API : 22741544 GIS WELL NUMBER : 3AH

Start with the RRC website and use the query section. There are three other wells along side of the one you are asking about. MK

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I don’t think a lease number is allotted until just before the well starts producing.

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In case you haven’t seen it, the link below will take you to the unit plat and acreage designation Surge filed with the permit for the well you inquired about.

It looks like Surge expanded the original 640 acre unit they called the Hyden 47-38 by adding another 186.66 acres to the north in Section 35. The permits for the four wells MK told you about where just approved by RRC in January of this year. The “Lease ID” you asked about isn’t designated until a well is completed and the completion report filed with RRC. Since these wells seem to be part of a proration unit all those new wells, if completed, may end up being carried under the same Lease ID 49100 that applied to the first well Surge completed in that unit in 2017.

Howard County = Surge Hyden 47-35 3AH.pdf (1.3 MB)

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Thank you. I am trying to follow the progress and I am receiving some information from a potential buyer of my mineral interest. I don’t know how the pooling will play out. Is there a source for information, free or otherwise that would provide all information regarding the progress of the wells mentioned? I have contacted Surge with no satisfaction.

RRC’s site is only free source and it’s only as timely on spud dates and completion reports as the operator is on reporting them. Enversus has pay service that would be pricey if you are only trying to track a couple of wells, and wouldn’t help on questions about the makeup of the unit. That might require the advice of O&G attorney but may be premature to get into until Surge records the unit designation for the new wells.

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Thank you. The “Form W-1” that you have displayed shows the “Completion Information”

I can’t find the same document.

Here is the link to the W1 review for the API you have at the top. mk;jsessionid=dRXSvsFkVVkS_W6uLAGDuHh2h_V42jlCsfM33e_XSCFeG0rUpswH!620281938?name=HYDEN%2BUNIT%2B47-35&fromPublicQuery=Y&univDocNo=494870002
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Thank you, I appreciate the additional help.

When you hover over the well you can see this info:

Looks as though the well was approved for drilling but it may not have been completed, maybe even not yet started. The TxRRC staff and website is outstanding.

Certainly whatever offer you are getting now to purch your minerals is all speculative without any production.

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