Lease help on small mineral interest


What’s the best way to approach a lease offer on 1.25 nma. I have used a lawyer on larger mineral interest but this one in Jones county MS is only offering $100 per acre. I can’t really justify the cost of a lawyer to help me. I appreciate anyone’s help.


If your previous lease was in Mississippi, then the same rules would generally apply. If in a different state, then you might need to get some help.


Know nothing about Mississippi but my suggestion, particularly when the interest you own is small, is find out what other folks around you are doing on leasing before you accept an offer.

If your 1.25 NMA is an undivided mineral interest in a larger tract research who owns larger interests in your same tract and see if they will share information and possibly agree to negotiate as a group.


How do I research other owners in my tract and how would I find out how to contact them?