Lease help for Barbour county wv

I am told there are 3 companies with leases that i have mineral rights to. I can find abarta is one and they are paying royalties even tho very small amounts. I find a “martin” company and i have been talking to mike ross. His company from what i can see has never paid royalties since 1981. He told me they owed me money but now he keeps saying I have to look i to it.

I cant find the 3rd company that is supposed to have a lease.

Can anyone point me in the direction I need to go for help?

How did you figure out the first two leases?

As I was talking to abarta they gave me the information then when I called mike Ross and talked to him he told me they did and his comment was “I guess we owe you some money”.

That would do it. You should be able to track down the third by going to the courthouse and following the trail of assignments from the original lease owner to the current lease owner. Could take a good bit of work. I don’t think Barbour County has their stuff online so you’ll have to head over there in person.