lease Grady, OK


I received a letter from Double J Resources wanting to purchase an interest owned by my late father. It is section 36-T10N-R05W. Offer is $1,000 per net acre, providing 75% NRI. I would appreciate any info/help. Is this legit, reasonable... and what is the 75% NRI.


It should lease for $4000.00 and 1/4th. Are the trying to purchase for $1000.00 if it is leased at 1/4th?

Are they trying to purchase lease or purchase minerals?

One spot says they are acquiring Oil and Gas leases and would like to purchase. Another spot says if I would like to lease my mineral interests, do...


Based on Mr. Moore's comment (He he is very experienced), you may want to get an evaluation of the geologic potential/nma then an independent measure of the nma you may own in the interest of setting a total price and selling or leasing directly to a proven operator. Their are several working in Grady County. It is under development using newer drilling and completion technology.

As the beneficiary, you should have the final say in the dispersion of your late father's property.

Gary L Hutchinson