Lease, Force Pooling 28-3N-6W

Just got an offer to lease my minerals in above tract. Any ideas on what a fair bonus amount might be. Also, the outfit making the offer said that it is to be forced pooled in less than a month. I have not heard anything about the force polling on this tract. Has anyone else obtianed any information?

Roger , someone will know. Can call the OCC if needed and your up to it.

I am in negotiations on leasing in 3 sections adjacent to this. I am getting offers of $2,000 to $2,500. The $2,000 an acre will accept my exhibit, but the $2,500 an acre wants to change it up too much. Still negotiating. Have not heard about a force pooling.

Hey Roger,

Accept my request and shoot me a message. I'll see if I can help you out - I know some parties leasing in your area that would be interested in taking a look.

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I'm not sure what their definition of "forced pooled in less than a month" is. There has not been any applications at all on this section or the surrounding eight sections in the last 5 years. A pooling application usually takes 3+ months from application date until the order is issued. Don't make a rushed decision based on a threat of being force pooled.

Just realized I posted it as 3N. Should be 4 N. Also, thanks for the responses so far!

The BOVINE 1-28-33-34XH in 4N-6W was spud back in March and the rig has finished and been gone quite a while. I have not driven by there, but will try to when I get a chance.

Continental Resources pooled the section back in April... Cause CD No. 201605646 ... Order No. 662578

Looks like your current lease doesn't expire until August 2018. Not sure what the leasing company is up to. I am sure they know something we don't. My dad has a small mineral interest in the section.

Roger, my dad just got his letter today regarding section 28-4N-6W. He also received a letter regarding sections 33-4N-6W and 34-4N-6W. Those are the sections where Continental drilled the BOVINE 1-28-33-34XH. I plan to call them Monday.

Did you find anything out? If you want to sign a lease, I know some companies that would be interested in taking a look.

I leased it in 2015 for 3 years to EK Energy.

What is the "effective date" of your lease? 2018 is right around the corner, so it may be time to negotiate a new lease - unless they are drilling a well before your current lease expires, or they have the option to extend the lease.

When I called the phone number (Gleason Oil & Gas, LLC - Dallas, TX) I get a voice mail box is full and cannot accept any new messages.

Dad's 3 year lease began November 30, 2016 and a horizontal hole has been drilled. I do not know if they fracked the well or not... BOVINE 1-28-33-34XH in 4N-6W ... I have not made it down by there yet to see what equipment may be on location.

August, 2015 to EK Energy. Shortly after I leased it, I got a lease offer from Continental Resources.

Don, if you get by the location, please let us know what kind of set up you see at the site.