Lease for Non Executive Mineral Rights Owner - Karne county, TX

My 80 year old mother is half owner of 172 acres in far North Karne county close to Falls City. She also owns 1/32 of the mineral rights but no surface rights, from what I understand. She received a call last week from a company based in San Antonio wanting to LEASE her mineral rights and offering $80K as a "bonus". They say that typically non-executive interest holders like my mom do not normally get these bonuses. They are offering a 3 year lease, royalty retained by my mom at 25%. After a few conversations with the sweet lady trying to close this deal they agreed to up the bonus to $150K if she would agree and sign the papers....they were willing to meet her and hand her a certified check. She is not signing anything until we get some answers as to what is going on. Any suggestion where we should seek counsel regarding a situation like hers? Mother lives in Austin. I am Edmond, OK another sibling is in Dallas.


I assist landowners with leasing and have recently closed on leases in Karnes County. I am happy to talk to you. I sent you a friend request.

Ben Elmore