Lease for mineral rights

Hi, my sisters and I have inherited mineral rights. Are we entitled to a leasing bonus, if one hasn’t been paid yet? There is a company drilling on our land. Can we ask the company for a lease? There was no one for the oil company to contact and do a lease with for mineral rights, my grandparents passed away years ago. Thank you-Kathi

You need to make sure any probate documents are filed properly in the county clerk’s office. You need to contact the operator of the currently drilling well and find out what they need in order to recognize you and your siblings as the current owners. Since they could not find you, they may or may not want to lease at this moment. You may have to wait until the well pays out. Read through the Fayette County forum and any nearby counties to get a flavor of what the typical situation may be. There are several attorneys listed in the directory above if you need legal help.

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Thank you for your help. I contacted them, they did find us, we are established and will be receiving checks. I dont know about the lease.

Ask the current operator for a copy of the lease that holds you in pay status.

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You are awesome, thank you!