Lease filed "As Is"

How do I make sure the entire lease is filed with county? Should that be stated on the lease? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Laura


you would need to get on OKcountyrecords to check for your lease, you can search your name across the county or type in the section township and range of where your interest is to see the lease.

Thank you Jonathan. Do you know if there is a way to ensure the entire document is filed? Laura

You can see a view of what was filed for free. You can print it for a small fee.

Thank you M_Barnes. Thank you for all your valuable information and help you post for everyone. Laura

A properly drafted lease will contain language that ensures all special provisions are recorded with the body of the lease.

Always keep a copy of the executed OGL. That way you know if what has been filed is legit. I also like to initial all pages.

If you’re concerned about an exhibit being removed, you can always add on the first page, “Subject to Exhibit A.” You can also put page numbers such as page 1 of 3, page 2 of 3, etc. That way it would be obvious is a page has been omitted.

Thank you Tim. That’s a great idea. Thanks again, Laura

Thank you Todd. I like that suggestion also. Thanks again, Laura