Lease Expiring in 8 Months

My family has mineral rights in 138-93 section 31 & 32 (about 652 acres net) that are currently leased to SM Energy and will expire next July. We previously leased to an outfit out of Dickinson who in turn sold the lease to SM. My questions to the experts out there is what are the prospects of re-leasing the rights in eight months? Should we sit tight and wait? Approach SM Energy or market our rights to the open market? I know this area isn't the hottest, but we want to do a better job of leasing than we did five years ago. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Were you leased to Summit Resources of Canada, handled by Kadamaras?

We leased to Interwest Petroleum in '08 who reassigned to SM Energy almost two years ago.

We have mimeral rights in 138n 92w we were told the winnapeg Formation is under us, mostly a gas formation. We are still after seven years waiting for someone to drill.

I would let them ride for now...don't give them away!!!