Lease expired

Our lease just expired. We are wondering if things are heating up again? We had our lease with JP, Drilling.

Yes, things are active again. Just by posting your STR on this forum, I am sure you will obtain a few new offers.

Thank you, Mr. Story.


Sections 24 and 25 of 6N-6W both already have wells on them. You should be receiving a production check on your minerals.

Ben, we have not received a single penny. Thank you. We are now in NC. So we will have to call and find out where our money is. I am so glad we found this sight. Do you know how long the wells have been in production? We have had a lease since 2013.

It would appear that Sections 24, 25, and 26 of 6N-6W have been in production since April and May of 2014. You should have received a check by now. These are good wells. By good I mean great, so congratulations on that.

You will want to begin the process of verifying your pay status with the operators. These are good wells and they would not be causally sitting on these payments.

Do you know if there were any title problems with your acreage?

John, you may want to talk with your brothers. It appears just by looking at the mineral deed on file that everyone's minerals in section 24-6N-6W were assigned to the Gibson Brothers, LLC. Chances are any royalties owed to you from section 24-6N-6W are being paid to the LLC.

FYI - The mineral deed was filed about 5 1/2 months after your OGL with JP Drilling.

Thanks, no the LLC hasn’t gotten a dime. I do appreciate your help. Are you a land man.

Not a landman. Only a minerals owner. I have minerals in three sections... 1-4N-6W (south of Alex), 7-6N-6W and 12-6N-7W (sections are next to each other about 5 miles SE of Chickasha most of which is on the south side of the Washita River).

No, verification problems. We really appreciate everyone’s help with this.

Ok. Give me a few minutes and I will check the pooling applications and your leases. I will see if the problem is evident. I suspect that you simply need to call them on Monday to determine the problem.

Just to be clear, your minerals in these sections are owned as Gibson Brothers, LLC?

Yes, we are four brothers. We are the sons of Joe Fred Gibson.

Mr Story you a treasure.

Mr. Story how do you have access to all this information?

Most of the information you need is public record.

The online county records are through a program called idoc:

The production information is available via the Oklahoma Gross production tax:

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission Pooling orders are available at:

The Oklahoma Corporation well completion reports are available at:

The manner in which you find an OCC pooling order is by searching the OCC database at:

You will need to navigate to the "Case Processing Web Application" hyperlink and follow the instructions.

Or you could subscribe to "Pangea Data", IHS, DrillingInfo, OIl-Law or any number of information gathering websites.


A couple of questions:

1. Are you sure that you own in sections 25 or 26.

2. I do not see leases filed for Sections 25 or 26 leasing your interests in those sections. If the answer to question 1 was in the affirmative, is it possible that Gibson Brothers, LLC elected to participate in the wells that were drilled?

3. I cannot find a pooling filed against your either section 25 or 26.

4. Your predecessor in title being Joe Fred Gibson is listed on the Pooling Application filed for section 24 that was later dismissed. He is listed as "Known and Unknown Heirs of Joe Fred Gibson c/o David William Gibson" Presumably this means there is a title defect to your property at the time that the pooling was being done. Do you remember if J.P. Drilling had you complete title curative documents prior to signing your lease? These would have been separate semi-legal documents you would have needed to sign.

Thanks for the compliment but a real treasure is the National Association of Royalty Owners (NARO).

After reviewing your lease I would strongly recommend that you consider supporting the OK-NARO chapter by registering for at least one year. They provide plenty of resources to assist in managing a mineral estate that I think you will find helpful.

We will join OK-NARO.

How would we go about verifying ownership of Section 25-T6-R6? We are going through old files of dad's, but not a great at organization. I am willing to do the research, but have never done a full search. I know I can pay a landman, but would like to try to do it myself. What di you think?

Verifying mineral ownership:

1. Grady County Clerk's Office on the 2nd floor of the Grady County Courthouse. (take notepad & pen/pencil)

2. A clerk will show you to the area where the index books are and usually pull the first index book for you. (you will have to give her the section-township-range and the time period you want to start with)

3. You go thru the list of entries writing down on your notepad the book and page numbers you want to look at. (depending on the timelines you may go through several index books)(be sure to refile each book as you finish with it)

4. After the index books take your notepad and pull the book number(s) and go to the page to review the document. Copies are $1 per page. You basically take the book apart to take a copy of the page(s) and then put the book back together again. You have to take care to get it back exactly as it was. (be sure to refile each book as you finish with it)

5. Take all of the page copies to the front counter and pay for your copies.

The link above has a more in-depth article on the topic. Counter space can sometimes be difficult to get depending on how many landmen are there. I have to say the landmen have always been pretty helpful when I went... probably thinking it would get me out of their hair quicker. :)

Good luck in your search.