Lease Depths

Generally speaking, should I be concerned about the depth of leases signed back in 1988. A vertical (I think) well was drilled in 1992 and apparently reworked in 2014 as a horizonal well. Up until about August of 2014, the well ran a couple of days a week--at the most. Now it is pumping 24/7 (must have been reworked. Two additional horizonal wells were also drilled--apparently under the same lease. I don't have details of the lease at this time, but is it possible that the original lease was depth limited and the Eagle Ford Shale is deeper than granted in that lease; and the lease, therefore, should have been re-negotiated?

Also, how long does it take to start seeing Royalty payments from new wells. I know they are producing 24/7 since about August 2014. I see them every day.

Due diligence requires that you review the lease first chance you get. If there are depth limitations, them be pleasantly surprised.

Best, Buddy Cotten