Lease Dawson County NW 4, block 1

Hello, anyone know much about drilling in Dawson? I own 1/4 (NW) of survey No 4, block 1, J Poitevent I’m Seeking some insight. Thank you, I appreciate all the knowledge I can get.

I moved your request over to Texas Mineral Rights - Dawson County where you may have a better chance of an answer. There has been quite a bit of discussion about Dawson recently, so read up in the Dawson County threads.

Thanks!!! I really appreciate you doing that. Bless you!

This link will open the RRC GIS Map Viewer on a permitted well which I believe is less than one mile from your minerals. Has someone contacted you recently with an offer to buy your minerals?

No, I haven’t had anyone contact me. However my grandfather had a well there. It’s capped. I believe it was capped in the 60s?

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FYI= Smith Energy just drilled a wildcat to the fussellman (12,500 ft) and made a good little vertical well- Winford 3. EOG wasted no time in permitting a vertical fussellman test. these wells are north of lamesa

Would these Fussellmann wells be trap targets found here and there or could the Fussellmann be another resource play?

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