Lease Broker Question

Has anyone dealt with Sundance Oil and Gas located in Bismark, ND.? If so, how was your experience in regards to recieving payments on time?

Hi Charles- Sundance OIl sent us a lease for Oasis. Landman sounded friendly enough on the phone before receiving the lease. After I got the actual paper lease, I emailed him about some questions I had and I've never heard back from him. Made me rather uneasy. So I'm still holding onto the unsigned lease and bank draft till I speak to an attorney. Which by the way I'm calling your recomendation today.


Thanks for the reply. I am dealing with a co. rep. from Sundance and as you stated, seems very friendly. I did some checking in regards to Sundance and recieved only positive responses. I would not be afraid to deal with them from the reports I've heard. I will continue to deal with them in regards to a top lease offer. Good luck in your leasing adventures.

I am also discussing a possible lease with Sundance . Our minerals are in NE Sheridan County. It is unknown who the "client" is at this time. The rep seems nice enough, but we always try to negotiate good lease language, and it concerns me that they seem to stall on that point. Can anyone else comment on this? Also, is there a source to consult regarding recent leases comparable to our land descriptions?