Lease breaking

I’m curious as to what the qualifications are for a lease to broken on an old HBP well (amount of production per year etc…), any insight would be much appreciated.


There are circumstances in which a lease can be broken in West Virginia, either low production or no production are two causes. I would suggest you contact an attorney that specializes in Oil, Gas & Mineral Leases, they would be able to give you specific information.

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As far as I have ever been told is that if there is no production and your operator no longer pays you to retain the rights, then your lease is broken? I am not a lawyer and don't play one either...but that is what I understand?


You are partially correct. In WV, two years without payment must transpire and then you are required to file a lease abandonment suit, it is not just a matter of declaring a lease voided. It is not a simple matter, I filed a suit in January 2017 and we are far from having the matter resolved.

Equally, you can file a abandonment suit when a well 'Does not produce marketable production'. Exactly how that is defined seems to be different, depending on who the Judge is that hears the case.

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WV Mineral Owner, is there a WV law saying something about the situation when a well "does not produce marketable production"?

So have two working wells in Woodbridge and I can’t get any call back or a response or information about my lease and have yet to see one payments from gas or oil or penalty pa.I only hear that they are sTing for a little . I never get a real person on the phone. I need some advice please

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Lisa Sue,

Who is the producer? Do you have any specifics of the well(s) - API Numbers, Well names, etc?