lease bonus van zandt

pdc geo inc wants to lease mineral rights - 74.5 acres in w. w. survey, a-728, as described in deed dated 3/24,1943 from r.e. holland and wife winnie to howard hill recorded vol.303 page 560 of deed records in van zandt county. has anybody heard about or been offered a signing bonus?

PDC Geo is a lease brokerage firm out of Tyler (as you know). They have filed some leases in their name in the Grand Saline and Fruitvale areas (including A728) about 4 years ago. Low royalties at that time (less than 20%). No filings by them in this area recently.

Hopefully someone will comment on more recent contact with this group.

Figure that whoever they are leasing for is chasing targets around the salt domes in this part of the county.

thanks for your reply and maybe someone else will have more recent info.