Lease Bonus question?

I just received a check for royalties in suspense from 2016 to present , after a probate was finished. My check detail does now show any lease bonus paid. My father died in 2013 and at the time i did not know about the mineral rights , my question is “is the bonus not paid when the owner cannot be contacted”? I am waiting for a copy of title requirement report and lease. Not sure if anything is even out there.

Thank you for the help. Darrin Kay


Was your father’s interest previously leased or was it force pooled? The bonus is paid upon the execution of the OGL, but might be being held by the operator if his interest was pooled.

Todd M. Baker

Thanks Todd, from my best knowledge the lease started 2016 with 2 new wells , Citizen Energy sold the wells to Roan during the time the probate was being worked on . Maybe i need to to contact Citizen just to check ? I was paid from Roan on the royalties in suspense .


Again, bonus money is associated with the oil and gas lease. It would have been paid upon the execution of the lease. Did you father sign an oil and gas lease on this property?

No lease was signed my father passed in 2013, this all started in 2016, im guessing force pooling .

What was his name & I will do a little research?

C. Leroy Kay , or Charles Leroy Kay . Citizen was the 1st energy company on the 2 wells . Thanks