Lease Bonus Amount?

Just got offered $1500.00 per acre, with a pretty good lease and 3/16 RI. Anyone getting anything better?

Bonnie, can you give me the legal description on your minerals? I just got a call offering $1000 for some of mine. Thank you

Bonnie, the best I got was $ 1250 with 3/16 RI during Q4 2016. I see that our leases in 19N-15W have already been flipped to Ace Energy (I think a buyer for NFX). Newfield seems most active in the eastern part of the county (19N-15W) and Carrera seem to be the more active further west (18N-16W).

Hi, Rick. How is your mom?

All is good with everyone! She's still in Taloga and finally "retired" from municipal judge duties in Leedey, Buffalo and Seiling (only after she turned 80). I'm helping with the family O&G business, both leasing and direct participation. I "retired" and now only work 50-60 hours/week; living in the west suburbs of Philadelphia.


We just got $1,200. an acre.

As I always say, when you lease, make sure you lease to a driller. If an Kitchen Table company hands you a lease, he will be flipping it for the Bonus you didn't get.

Bonnie, who was the offer from?