Lease at Drainage 34-136, Ward County, Texas

This question concerns 4 wells currently producing on my property in Ward County, Texas. The current lease has expired. The property description is Drainage 34-136 (1 to 4H) known as:

The NE/2 and S/4 of Section 136, Block 34, H&TC RR Co. Survey, Ward County, Texas, containing 480.00 acres, more or less

I kept thinking I would hear from the company leasing it at lease expiration however I haven't.

If you have some advice for me I'd appreciate hearing from you.

Best regards,

Bob Dennis

If the wells on your lease are producing, the acreage is "held by production" and the lease expiration date is then essentially null and void. Acreage will be HBP until the wells are not producing any more.

Are you getting royalty checks from these wells?

No problem. Your lease (and I hate reading the fine print details in them) should have all this spelled out

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