Lease Alert Link for Smith County

Seems as though Chesapeake must have found something they like after drilling the Covington #1H in the Mt. Sylvan area. They are doing a lot of leasing from the Covington well down through the New Harmony area.

Also another area of interest for Chesapeake is in the Interstate 20 Hiway 69 junction area.

Clint Liles

Clint, thank you for posting. I checked out the link but don't know what you were looking at that leads you to believe they like the results of the Covington. Would you please elaborate a bit? Appreciate your time.


The Covington 1H is located in the TW Jones Survey. The area circled in red is an area that has possibly been leased by Chesapeake is what I understand. The Covington well came in at something over 400 BOPD.


Clint Liles

I see now. A picture is worth 1000 words. Thank you for posting that. So are you going off of the assignment of leases from Qstar to Chesapeake to describe the two areas? Looks like that Qstar transaction occurred in December of 2016, months before the Covington was drilled. Was recorded after the Covington was drilled, however.