Lease agreement

I notarized lease agreement But they had wrong description of land. They resent lease agreement with correct description but I do not Notarize. In this time period the lease of land as gone up in value. I say original lease no good and I want the higher price. I did not cash check. They say sence it states in the lease more or less land the original lease is good. Does anyone know of a law I can use to state my case?

I'm not experienced in this, but I do believe that in Contract Law, if the land or legal description is incorrect, then you have an automatic "out". In other words, they cannot lease land from you that is not yours.

But, I am not a lawyer or an expert, so you would probably would at least want to run it by a lawyer.

Good luck.


I also an pretty sure what happen makes the contract void thru no fault of yours. They should have been sure of the land discription before sending you the check which you did not cash. I believe there is a time limit on the check to be cashed also check with your lawyer make sure he knows what he is talking about!

Good luck also Jarold


I am curious about what was incorrect about the land description?