Lease Activity

Has anyone had or heard of leasing activity recently. A family member recently received an offer of $400 / 5 year lease / with 3 yeast option. Any comments? Thanks

I also got one recently from Liberty resources offering $400/acre, 5 year lease and 3/16th royalty paid on producing wells.. I've been intending to get on here and see what the going rate is.. Have you heard any more?

Thanks, Linda

Hi Linda,

Good Morning. Hers was Liberty Resources also. I am not familiar when that name, but was going to try and research when I have a chance. Sounds like the same exact offer she received. Did yours have a 3 year option in addition to the 5 year lease? Also her offer was good till later this month, the 26th or 28th, something like that.



I also signed with Liberty in August of 2016 and to date have not received any payment for lease. Is anyone else having this problem?

I haven't heard great things. you got to be careful with certain companies, I have been taken advantage by some, while others were great. I had a great offer on some property(not this specific location) not too long ago from another company. I know they are up in ND too though. I can give you their website, not sure If I am supposed to give out information on this website. Guess you can message me too.

Looking for lawyer recommendations. Since I am on the west coast, I have no clue.

Never give the signed original lease to the Lessee without a check in hand