Lease activity near Lyons

Trying to place a value on minerals on piece of property 2 miles east of Lyons about 1/2 mile south of FM60. Does anyone know of current leases in the area? How much are they going for?

I have some pasture property just to the east of Snook. There is a well rig up pretty close to it right now I talked to a neighbor with a 3-4 acre lot in the townsite and he has leased to PetroMax for $700 and 20%. He did not try for more. I received a phone call from PetroMax and he said they would send me a lease. I have the lease at the house but can't be back there till Friday I'll post the terms here on the weekend. I have leased some property in Fayette county near Swiss Alp(between La Grange and Schulenburg) for $1300 and 25% to Cypress.

Belinda, you might drop by the Monument company in Lyons. Jack Howe has that and is also a landman and might be able to help you. He is usually around there. He may have some idea of the going rates there. Remember the royalty is more important in the long run than the lease money.

The lease I was sent has the same terms as my neighbor's.