Lease activity in Section 6 Township 3 Range 8 West

Does anyone here know what the activity is in this area?

There are some leases there filed by Marathon and Echo in Jan 2014.

Oil & Gas Leases by the numbers...

Section 6 OGL's 3 year period prior to 2014 ... 0

Section 6 OGL's in 2014 year-to-date ... 8

Township 3N - Range 8W OGL's 3 year period prior to 2014 ... 8

Township 3N - Range 8W OGL's in 2014 year-to-date ... 64

Marathon OGL's in T3N-R8W in 2014 year-to-date ... 50

Completion Report - Jobe 31-2H 31-6N-7W

Permit to Drill - Fincher 1-14H 14-2N-8W

Marathon is currently drilling or now completing the Fincher well which is just south of your section. If it makes a decent well you might see them begin working their way north towards the Jobe well which was completed by EOG and is a very nice well. The Hoxbar formation appears to be the primary formation for now, but don't rule out the Woodford formation in the future. I can still remember the early 80's before the bust. There were some screaming gas wells not far from your area that could not be completed back then. I believe the technology and expertise is a tad bit better today.

Don, Thank you for the information

Don, can you remember where those gas wells were, which at that time could not be completed ?



The particular ones I remember were actually on the Comanche County side of the line. The problem they were having was with the formation collapsing on the wellbore because of the intense gas pressure. I am sure the engineers dummied down the explanation for me, but that is what I remember being told. The Penn Square Bank failure during that same time period probably did not help matters. The drilling just pretty much stopped.

50 Penn Place that brings back some memories.