Lease activity in Logan Co

David, I see you're the only one here... Quick question if I may,,, Do you have any active leases currently? If so, what were your terms? I've just been approached by a land company wanting to lease and I'm wondering if their terms are resonable.

I'm very green behind the ears with all of this. I would appreciate any assistance with this.


Hi Pam,

I don't own any rights, but my mother-in-law does. She was approached by a landman regarding her 10 (net) acres. They offered 3/16ths royalty and $150/acre bonus payment. She was more than willing to agree to the terms, but I asked her to give me a week or two to do some investigating. Eventually, after learning more about mineral rights and oil/gas exploration than I ever thought I would, I negotiated $200/acre for her.

There are some very useful sites to guide you: This site will give you the status of wells, and will show you the output. I used this site to learn of other landowners who had just recently signed lease agreements in the same tract of land that my MIL owns land. It won't give you the bonus payment that the owner received, but will give you royalty payment and other terms. It was from this site that I learned that another owner had used a landman different from the one my MIL used. I used that knowledge to negotiate the better bonus. The site costs $10/month, I think. It was well worth it. My monthly membership expires in a few days, so if you'd like me to enter an area of land to see if there have been any other lessors, let me know and I'll forward the results.

This all transpired within the last month.



I sent you a private message. If you send me an email via PM or to the email address I gave, I'll forward 4 recently signed leases.


Hi Pam,

If you have not signed a lease yet, then you are one of the smart ones. Most of us signed one when there was no prospects anywhere around. I would think that 500-1000 per acre would be a fair price for a lease in the N. Logan Co. area, since they have been hitting some good wells here.