Lease 6-9n-7w grady co oklahoma

my lease was up 10-11-17 but they spud on 9-20-17. my lease states it is up if there is no pruducing well my lease is up., if they spud but haven't completed then as I understand my lease I am able to release. there are no provisions for drilling or fracking included in my lease , it just says producing. Will I run into problems if I lease

Unfortunately that is not correct. If they are engaged in drilling activity, that lease will continue. You can not lease again, since they started drilling before that lease was up.

It depends on the language within all the clauses of your lease. There are genearly two relevant clauses. One regarding the primary term and another about cessation of production after the primary term. Most leases allow a well to be spud up to the very end of the primary term and some allow any kind of operations including moving dirt to build the pad. If you have a completion form lease, then it will specify that a well must be producing on or before the end of the primary term. You may want to have an attorney or other knowledgeable person read the entire lease to help you understand all of the provisions. Never read only one sentence for your answer because it may be overridden by another clause.

They got a drilling permit with my section stated as pending , there are two companies trying to drill in the same 640 acres. the oklahoma corporation com. denied them an emergency drilling permit but they spud anyway. there are several court dates set up but one company is doing some shady stuff, in the emergency hearing the leases they have with me and 2 other leases were used as evidence for financial hardship if they didnt drill before they were up , some of the spacing and none of the pooling were done. I think it is a mess.

I went through this because I did not have a commencement clause in my exhibit A. I definitely have on now.