Lea county nm


I have mineral rights in Lea County NM. S1 T15s R36e will like to know what lease bonus in that area is worth . Total of 320 nm acres


Do you want to sell the mineral rights or lease them?


They are under lease now. They want an extension just checking current lease rates


It depends on the area. I was able to negotiate a lease for my client for $600/acre in Lea County, NM. The OG company had offered them only $75/net acre initially.



Section 1 township15s Range 36e


We leased last year for $2500.00 pnma in Lea County. Have you checked New Mexico oil conservation division website for activity?


How close to my holdings are u.


How close to my holdings are your mineral rights


We are in section 1 t19s r34e far away from you I think. Ascent energy already has filed 4 permits for wells. I checked your holdings on the New Mexico website I refer to above. There is no activity at this time.


Thank you.