Lea County, NM S23/T16S/R38E

Are there any leases recorded for Section 23 Township 16S Range 38E?

Hi Nina, there’s nothing recorded for Flannery in section 23t16sr38e Lea County. This according to courthousdirect.com

Hi Rick. Thanks for your response. The interest I’m a beneficial owner of would be named Osborne Mineral Trust. See anything like that? I guess it could also be in the name of the trustees. Their name is Wolf.

Hi again Nina, nothing under Osborne Mineral Trust but under Wolf there is a Ramona Wolf Trustee who filed a Name change from “Neva Osborne Revokable Trust to Osborne Mineral Trust” for various interests in Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico." Recorded in 2005. No other deeds or leases have been recorded under the names you have given me.

Very many thanks, Rick.