Lea County, NM, Mineral Rights Offer

Good Afternoon, Forum, Appealing to members to share knowledge about T22S, R37E,section 21 … Who’s operating there? Targeted depths, any current production, price of lease offers per NMA? Have received an offer that seems unreasonably low. Any info greatly appreciated. Joefly

What quarter are you in? There are numerous wells with Legacy and Breitburn Oil Companies. Need more quarter info to give you some answers. Or you can look up your interest yourself at New Mexico’s Oil Conservation Divisions website.


Hello Rick … thanks for reply. NE/4, NE/4 section 21. Lots of shallow, vertical wellbores in the area but wondering if there’s targeted deeper areas. Have been offered a relatively small bonus but have no idea what the value is. I’d prefer to wait but siblings want the $. Any thoughts? Joe

There are active stripper well producers in the NE/4 NE/4 of Sec 21 of 22S 37E. One operated by Legacy, one by Nordstrand. You sure you are getting a lease offer and not a purchase offer?

I struggle to see what else might be going on there anytime soon.