Lea County lawsuit?


So we just found out that our ancestors had interest in this area (yes I have the specifics). Can anyone tell me what type of lawsuit is going on in the areas of Lea County? I cannot find any information online,


Do tell me more! I have 6 different mineral interests in Lea County and have not heard of any such actions.


There is a lawsuit about to be launched unless something else happens to get things moving. We have an inherited mineral rights issue in which my deceased aunt was cut out of her share of royalties (11% ownership) going way back to ~ 1965. Doubt we will get even close to what was stolen from her, but time will tell.


Good luck. I guess you still have to stay on top of this stuff. My main memory of my grandmother is her fussing with oil companies ad nauseum.


Did other relatives receive theirs? Is there a statue of limitations ?


She was the only family to own the 11% she inherited from her parents. She had the lease from 1959-1964 when it expired. Within a year or so, a well was struck on that property but my aunt was never informed. Don’t understand how that happened, but it did. Four different companies have operated that well since. The last operator is stonewalling inquires, thus the reason that a lawsuit is brewing. There is a 7 yr. limit on back compensation unless fraud is involved. Most of the big financial payouts likely occurred in the earlier years. Sad commentary. My aunt was very savvy and would be very upset if she had ever discovered what happened. It was dumb luck on my part to find that well on her property.