Lawyers to review leases? How do you find one to represent lessor?

How does one find a lawyer to represent the lessor side of the lease transaction? Particularly when we live far away?

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I have used Caywood on several occasions. No complaints. Will use him again if the need arises.
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Attorney Kerry Caywood is who my family uses. His phone number is (405) 224-0386.
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Side Note: The above was for a probate attorney. Kerry Caywood handles our oil and gas leases also.

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James Allen,

I highly recommend Timothy Dowd for probate and he is in Okla City.

I usually have a low opinion of all attorneys but this guy will make you think good of them. I had both my mom, dad and one deceased sister to probate and he charged $2500 which I thought was reasonable. He is very smart and been doing it long time. I did everything over the phone and via emails so unless yours is very complicated I'd think you could do it without having to see him in person.

It took just about 3 months from start to finish. He when the final day in court came, he just seen the judge in private and got it signed.

His phone is 405-232-3722. The name of the firm is Elias, Books, Brown & Nelson.

You can say I referred you as I have referred a few others here that have used him too.

Side Note: The above was for a probate attorney. Timothy Dowd also does oil and gas leases.

Elias, Books, Brown & Nelson is a top-tier energy law office. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to be represented well.

Mr Dowd is my attorney. I can recommend him highly. He has a very practical approach.