Lawsuit in reeves co

Has anyone else received paperwork in attempt to sue for mineral rights from Longoria and Kelly recently? I am checking to see if anyone else had received any legal paperwork recently regarding Victoria Trading, Jana Bickham, Tom Johnson, PEO Permian, Primexx, Aquisition, MJR Investments?

I recently received legal paperwork stating I am being sued telling me that I am commanded to appear a written answer to the court regarding a mineral interest in Block 13 along with several other persons and seeking help with the issue.

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Hi. We have leases in Block 13. I am not sure I understand who is suing who. We have not received any paperwork (yet?)

When a person is served with notice of a lawsuit being filed against them, it is time to get legal advice. If you do not file an answer, a default judgment will be entered against you. You do not have any time to waste. If you do, you lose.


Yes, I have received paperwork for the suit also. Are you in contact with others involved in suit?

I have recieved papers from Longoria and Kelly. I was approaced by Nobel oil sayingI had inherited mineral rights from my great Aunt Mary Lois Tigert. You have to file a written response within 20 days from date of papers served to you. There is an extensive list of defendants that have been served. The papers served to me was 100 plus pages long which included the list of defendants.

Randy Allen

I need to correct this post. Inherrited property came from my great Aunt Nora Lois Tigert. Randy Allen

Are they using “lawfare” to steal mineral rights? Maybe a class action lawsuit by all the defendants is needed against those who are suing and the law firm representing them. Theft using the courts is still theft.