Lavaca County, Texas Leasing Activity

Word around town is that ConocoPhillips is opening up an office here in Shiner using a land company out of Tyler, Texas. It appears that things are starting to heat up around here with drilling activity moving closer and closer and multiple Lessees extending current leases and buying new ones. Does anybody know what ConocoPhillips/Burlington Resources/Aubrey Oil & Gas have going on in Lavaca County?

Not sure…I have seen maps where Conoco has lease holds in Lavaca and Southern Fayette. Join the Fayette County discussion to see post and links to maps that are about the EagleFord.

Found out last night that the broker for CP is Ted W. Walters & Associates, aka Sendero Resources. And as most have heard or know, apparently the Southern Hunter well could be considered a “gusher”. Initial production of 1,335 barrels of oil a day.