Lavaca County land


My mother-in-law recently passed and did not leave a will. My wife and brother in law are trying to figure out what they need to do. The land is in Lavaca County and is split by 4 siblings. My mother-in-law died without a will and did not leave anything in writing, but wanted the land to go to my brother in law and wife. We are trying to come up with a quit-claim deed for my father-in-law to sign as he does not want anything to do with the property. Here’s what we know. Have F-I-L sign a quit-claim deed: Fill out a Affidavit of Heirship for each surviving child (or one for both?), and send to Lavaca County for each company (Capital Star and National Landmark), that has a stake in the property.

Other than that, we are lost. Does anyone have an attorney in Lavaca County they recommend, or other items we need to complete?

You will probably get more help if you post this in the correct state and county or perhaps in the law and legal area. If she died intestate without a will, each state has very specific rules on how it has to be handled and what she “wanted” versus what is “legal” may or may not be the same.