LAVACA COUNTY 1st Quarter News

May 8,2013, 4:00pm; Penn Virginia

Amy, We are in the Mixon survey and getting ready to sign a lease with Penn Virginia. Are you still leased with Eli Smith or are you with PV? Can you tell me what is happening in the area. As I recall, we are in the same survey. Sounds like good news all around!

Laura Smothermon

Amy Berger said:

I sure did and it is awesome news!!!

Darn, I am not leased at all but am about 1 1/2 fro both Suster and Martinsen units.


We are signing with PV within the month. Just sounds like there is a lot going on in Lavaca County right now.


Amy Berger said:


We are still leased with Eli Smith. You?