How can I get an acreage map of the lease pool I am in? My lans is in Washington/Austin county near Latium, Texas.

As far as I can tell no permit applications have been filed yet for a well to be drilled from that new pad on the west side of 389 near the fire station if that’s the area you are talking about.

When operator files a application with the Railroad Commission to obtain a drilling permit the application will include a plat of the proposed drilling unit. Along with it should be a form called a P-12, Certificated of Pooling Authority, that usually shows the ownership/acre amounts of each tract that is included in the proposed unit. Sometimes large changes are made the boundaries of the original drilling unit so nothing is finalized until the operator completes the well and draws up the unit designation for the producing unit which is then recorded in the county deed records.

Thank you Dusty1. Are these permits filed so that the public can access them? What site?

Here is the link to the Railroad Commission’s on-line permit section. On the page that comes up go to the County pull-down menu that’s at the upper right side and put in the county you want to search. Then go to the bottom of that page and fill in the “Submitted Date From” and “Submitted Date To” covering the time period you want to see. You can also enter the name of an operator, like Verdun, if you are only interested in seeing the permit applications they’ve filed.

Click “Submit” at the lower left side of the page and it will pull up a list of permits. You can then click the API numbers shown there for permits you want to see the details on.