Late to Lease Very Lease - Tarrant Co. TX

We have inherited gas/oil Mineral rights. We are late in becoming leased because they had been missing. The mineral rights are for one acre out of 100. The rights are split between two units. One of the units has a producing well. The other well is being drilled now. Both are In the W.H. Hudson Survey in Tarrant County Texas. We are being offered 1,500 bonus and 25% royalty.

Given that our one acre is so small. Is this bonus in the ball park.

I have heard that leases are being offered with absolutely no deductions in royalty.Is this normal now? Is this easy to get? Do we have any bargaining power for for terms and conditions.

Several complete leases with the County are posted on-line in the minuits of the Commissioners Court? Since it is availabe to the public and since it is a government can I use this?

Thank You


Im in Johnson co near you. the 26k signing bonus peak from a couple of years back will never happen again imo.

We got 3k per acre ourselves, and 22.5%...

If I were you I would be most interested in that 25%, which is about tops and a good deal.

Under the ground is where most of your money will ever come from.

I think 3k would be more fair on a signing bonus, it might be worth haggling if they cant cut you out.

If there is some way for them to cut you out I would sign at 15.

Have they done the performance test on your well? Know the lease name?