Late or no payment from oil and gas companies

A legal question: My mother last received a check for payment from Impetro on mineral acres she owns in Winkler County. (She has a number of leased acres in Loving County as well.) Her last payment was April 26, 2017, and the company continues to stall in sending her monthly check. It has been nearly two months now.

How long can Oil and Gas companies delay sending payment to owners for leased mineral acres? Is there a penalty for late payment?

Any help on this matter is appreciated--

The bottom line is that if the lease is producing and your mother's royalty payment is large enough, Impetro is obligated to pay her monthly unless there is something to the contrary specified in the lease and/or division order, or there is some other valid reason for her royalty payments to be held in suspense (such as a title problem that has come to light, etc.).

Good luck!