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Does anyone know of any companies that may be leasing mineral rights a few miles west of Pine Bluffs? I have 160 net acres now sitting idle.

I am looking for a good O&G attorney in Cheyenne. Any recommendations? I own minerals in SE Laramie Co in 13/63.


The Applegate

I think activity is heating up again in Laramie county, received offers for a “top lease” north of $700 an acre. Still think this is low, anyone heard going rates recently.

Depends how close you are to all the drilling activity SE of Cheyenne. There the value is closer to $1K/NMA or more.

Thanks Mike, $1K is more in the range I was thinking... I'm within a 1/2mi of some other wells, and they have applied for permits in our acreage... I had a suggestion to not even lease now and just wait to see if they try force pool us or wait until our lease runs out as the value maybe more just never know what options is best

RAP if you would like to give me a call, we are very active in Laramie County. 720 545-1754 or

My bro-in-law sold his rights for $4000/Ac 2 mo. Ago. Those acres were then leased to EOG by the new owner for $750./ac. I still own 6 ac and have had multiple phone offers of 1000- 1100/ac to lease and 1/5 royalties. Just rec'd a mail offer of 1800 per ac. for lease. its on cheap paper and doesnt show up when I google it! Have not made my move yet. Any thoughts?

Linda, That is kind of exciting that activity is picking up again. What are the names of the companies making you offers? I have heard from Lone Tree who says they represent EOG, waiting on an offer currently. I would love to talk to another company or two. $750 to $1000 is what I understanding the going rate is 1/5 is good but the term of the lease is also key. One of my contacts said to try and stick to a 3yr lease. I've had some offers wanting more then 5yrs. What terms are they asking for? You can contact me directly at - thanks Regi

Hello, I hope someone can guide me to a good probate attorney in Laramie County. My mother died in Texas and we must do an ancillary probate in Wyoming. Can anyone give me the name of an attorney who handles probate cases, preferably, one the advising party has used and has personal experience? You may reply via email to if you don't want to post publicly. I thank you in advance for your help. -- Phil

Hello, does anyone have information on which companies are currently leasing for oil and gas rights near Carpenter WY? My lease has expired and I am looking to enter into a new one. Any help would be appreciated. - Jon

I am in SE Wyoming, Laramie County, 13-63, and would like to know if anyone nearby has been leased or had their lease option renewed recently?

Received an offer to purchase for $3500/nma from a guy that tracked me down on the phone a little over a year ago. I am in the south end of 13 63, and am leased to Anadarko. I thought this was a serious offer, but we turned him down.