Laramie County, WY Oil and Gas Lease


I’m trying to research lease terms in the following tracts:

Township 12 North, Range 63 West, Section 2: SE/4
Township 13 North, Range 63 West, Section 35: NE/4
Both in Laramie County, WY

I have the following questions:

Is there a website where I can research drilling and permitting activity for Wyoming?

Is there a website where I can research Laramie County real property records (to search for companies actively acquiring leases in this area)?

What are reasonable lease terms in this area?



Good morning,

Best place to search for activity in Laramie County would be the Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission website ( I would search the hearing docket to see if your acreage is forthcoming in any upcoming hearings.




Has someone expressed interest in leasing from you? I own in sec 30, 13/63, and would love to know if there are oil companies leasing near me.
Thanks, Mike


Yes, a friend of mine received an offer from Border Resources LLC for $550 per NMA and a 3/16 royalty. I can also see that the following companies have taken leases in these Townships/Ranges this year:

  • EOG Resources

  • Bill Barrett Corp.

  • Clear Creek Resources

  • Longs Peak Resources

I hope this helps.




Thanks Jared.